SSH me to Github

After a good half an hour of confusion at why both my work laptop and home arch box are now seemingly refusing to connect to Github, this gem of a StackOverflow answer solved the issue for me.

ssh: connect to host github.com port 22: Connection timed out

That’s right, I just needed to add a remapping for github.comssh.github.com

I know, strange one, but the most important thing is it works!

Github suggest that you use the command ssh -T git@github.com to test your connection. Slam a couple of v’s in there to get ssh -vvT git@github.com and you’ve got yourself a nice debuggable output from OpenSSL.

In that output I could see an IP address, which on navigating to the IP in the browser, it does indeed route to Github. So I knew it wasn’t a local DNS issue, it was finding the right IP address.

Half an hour wasted, but a Git crisis has been averted! Thank you Mahan_F!